About us

Having a prestigious reputation and being experienced as a law firm with practice for over 80 years, we have pursued our profession on a long-standing tradition of discretion, independence, experience and dedication to our client's interests. The loyalty of our clients speaks for itself, being with us for decades.

The firm provides a full range of industrial property protection. Through our network of carefully chosen associates in the West Balkan region, especially among the ex-Yugoslav states, we provide services for our clients’ industrial property needs in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania.

Further, the firm’s significant fields of legal practice are M&A, transactions, dispute resolutions, commercial and corporate matters, labour law, media law, Internet law, data protection, food safety, environmental and animal law.

Within our strong devotion and passion for human rights, we provide continuous assistance to the ones in need.

Finally, we maintain our general civil law practice, predominantly in representation of foreigners in their family matters, inheritance proceedings,
litigations and real estate matters.